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We have a collection of 4 Experience quotes from Charlie Kaufman

"Directing is a more pragmatic experience, where you have to deal with the restrictions of time and money that force you to make certain decisions you don't have to make when you're writing." (ID 24555)

"When I'm writing, I'm trying to immerse myself in the chaos of an emotional experience, rather than separate myself from it and look back at it from a distance with clarity and tell it as a story. Because that's how life is lived, you know?" (ID 24557)

"I think generally I'm kind of interested in subjective experience, what goes on inside someone's head, that being all they really know of the world." (ID 24558)

"I think you just assume that your memory is just sort of a video playback of your experience, but it's nothing like that at all. It's a complete refabrication of an event and a lot of it is made up, because you're filling in spaces." (ID 24559)

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